Tuesday, 15 July 2008

How the government chose 42 days?

How the government chose 42 days?

42: the meaning of life and everything

From: Keith Rose BA HMP Long Lartin

According to Douglas Adams, in the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, the answer to the question, "What is the meaning of life and everything", was asked of Deep Thought.

Deep Thought was the "Universe's biggest, best, fastest computer", perhaps built by Microsoft. Deep Thought considered the question for a million years or so, and delivered the answer, "42".

According to Gordon Broon, (Brown with a Scottish accent), and 316 MPs, the answer to the terrorism question is also "42". In this case, it’s 42 days detention by police without charge and perhaps not even knowing what you are being questioned about.

Alas, Broon is no deep thinker, and no student of history, even recent history of just a couple of weeks ago. A previous Act of Parliament; also a ‘terrorism bill’, is currently being used by local authorities to spy on ratepayers who, horror, do not close their Wheely Bin lids properly. An example of corruption … a misuse of the law?

Historically, local authorities have a tradition of corruption. You only have to look at the number of hypermarkets built on green field sites to know that more than a few town planners and councillors have had their pockets lined by the big supermarket chains. However, there is one group whose long, inglorious history of corruption has always been ignored by Broon and his Muppets; that of the wonderful British Police.

Consider this: no ‘British Bobby’ has ever been convicted of shooting dead an unarmed man or woman, even if that person was wholly innocent. No British Bobby has ever been convicted of fabricating evidence, even in such landmark cases as the Birmingham 6, Guildford 4, Cardiff 3, Maguire Family, Carl Bridgewater 4, M25 3, Raphael Rowe, Stefan Kitso, Eddie Browning or other shining examples of police ‘integrity’.

The history of acceptance of police corruption began in the early 80's, with ‘Operation Countryman’, an investigation into the rampant corruption of the Metropolitan Police. Sir Robert Mark, the head of that investigation, is reported to have said, "I don't mind anyone being bent for the firm, but if they are bent for themselves, I will root them out". Being ‘bent for the firm’ was acceptable behaviour, fabricating evidence was given the nod, the OK. Some police forces virtually made a custom of "helping obtain a conviction"; City of London, The Met, Surrey, Devon & Cornwall, Greater Manchester, West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, South East Regional Crime Squad to name but a few.

Religious cults like the Moonies, Scientologists and others have a technique known as "Love Bombing". This consists of isolating a potential cult member and subjecting them to hours and hours of indoctrination spread over days and weeks. This is brainwashing.

Police techniques are not all that different, and when you examine major cases of miscarriages of justice they have a common element. The police have questioned someone relentlessly over days and weeks until they were so confused they have confessed to whatever the police wanted, to stop the questioning. This is brainwashing.

You might consider brainwashing to be a form of torture, however Broon, Blair and Bush all approve of "torture in cases of terrorism". The next question that should be asked is - what is terrorism?

Drug dealing undermines society so can be regarded as undermining the state, a form of terrorism? Murder, obviously has a victim who was terrified, an act of terrorism? Armed robbery, obviously victims and bystanders were terrified, a candidate for terrorism? Mugging, another victim, it has to be terrorism. Illegal parking, the traffic warden is obviously terrified when handing out a ticket, yup, it’s terrorism. Wheely Bin overfilled? That is breaking the rules, undermining authority, it can only be terrorism. All offenders can expect to be detained for the statuary period of 42 days.

Britain becoming a police state? Children, grow up, anyone who thinks Britain is NOT a police state also believes in fairies and little green men.



You are so right!I have been saying that Britain is a police state for years, and get laughed at.

People should be up in arms about what is going on here!

Disclaimer: That is not an attempt to incite terrorism or suggest ppl DON'T shut their wheely bin lids!

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