Saturday, 12 July 2008

Politics and the McCann case

Politics and the McCann case

First example:



Gerry and Kate's phone calls for 03/04 May 2007

10.00pm - 10.50pm

Alistair Clark (Gerry's friend/Diplomat)

The first call Gerry made on the night of the crime was to Alistair Clark, a good friend from University days and a diplomat close to Gordon Brown. Clark must have immediately contacted people at the highest level – before the PJ were informed, Sky news and the British Ambassador were informed of a kidnapping.

Second example:

"Very concerned about political interference in McCann case

What is the British government doing getting involved in the McCann case?

Why has Clarence Mitchell (a Brown high-flying spin doctor) been working as an advisor for the McCanns for months, paid by the tax payer.

Why has he now resigned from the Government and declared to the world's media that the McCanns are innocent. Is he judge and jury?

Please look at this petition if you think it is wrong for the McCann investigation to be politicised:

If you object to political interference in the McCann case please make your feelings known.

It is like Alistair Campbell getting involved in spinning WMD intelligence.

They have no business spinning a police investigation or intelligence

Third example:

There was more politics than police

Fourth example: "Goncalo Amaral, the PJ officer dismissed from the case following a campaign of hatred in the British media: that many believe was the orchestrated by the McCann's legal team: wanted to charge Kate McCann with the lesser charge of child neglect and have her remanded into prison because of her refusal to answer questions relating to the disapearance of her daughter: Madeleine.

This move was blocked by the prosecutor Jose Menezes because he feared that it would lead to a diplomatic incident.

It is difficult to explain rationally why this should be so.

As it would seem that the police were simply following the evidence and asking legitimate questions of a witness, who during the course of the questioning adopted to become a suspect in order to answer the questions. And it is common to hold a suspect on a lesser charge in order to investigate a more serious allegation.

However we already know that Clarence Mitchell was working on behalf of the couple; despite at the same time working for the British Government.

On the day that Mr Amaral was requesting the Mr Menezes to take Kate McCann into custody, Clarence Mitchell was briefing on behalf of the couple to Associated Press.

Which would suggest that Mr Menezes was right to fear that a diplomatic incident might occur. Especially in light of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown's promise to help the McCanns, 'in any way that I can'.

So what is Mr Brown willing to do for the couple?

Is his threat to boycott the African summit in Portugal linked to the McCanns?

Or has he threatened Portugese funding through the EU?

Is it really so important to Gordon Brown that Kate McCann not answer for her possible actions that he is prepared to destroy diplomatic ties, threaten the lives of millions across Africa, and make Britain a by-word for croneyism and political corruption?

"The Portuguese prosecutor has admitted that his decision to let them leave the country was taken to avoid a diplomatic incident with the British government. The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, visited Portugal the day before. The Portuguese police were understandable furious since this was clearly a political decision and they intended to charge Kate McCann.

Since the Foreign Office managed to Shanghai the McCanns from Portugal, the Portuguese police have been impotent

"The couple, who spoke with Mr Miliband last month, will urge him this week to step in "with any help he can," said a friend of the couple".

"The Foreign Office was last night described as "firing on all cylinders" in its efforts to help the McCanns.

Asked about the case yesterday, Mr Miliband said: "A little girl is missing. This is an independent judicial process we fully respect. Consular services are being provided. Above all, this is about a little girl"

"The McCanns plan to approach David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, asking him to intervene in the case of their missing daughter Madeleine amid growing fears that they might become the victims of a "shocking injustice"".


Sandra said...

Personally I think they are both guilty, I have never been satisfied that Madeleine was still alive BEFORE they went out to dinner.

Anonymous said...

Of course the prosecutor caved in to political pressure.
It was political pressure from inside Portugal.
That investigation was a complete and total fuck-up, everything that followed was an attempt to cover their shame. o have put the Mccanns on trial without a hope of convicting them would have been cringe-making. The PP did the only thing he could.